Patrice Walker - Attorney At Law

Patrice Walker

Over 35 years  experience in administrative, trial and appellate cases

Patrice Walker graduated with honors from UNC Law School in 1976.  She began her career working for the UNC Institute of Government as an Assistant Director.  The Institute assigned her to work in the health law field.  While there, she drafted North Carolina‚Äôs Nursing Practice Act,  Pharmacy Practice Act, and Guardianship Act.  She worked in the Legislature analyzing proposed legislation across a broad spectrum of topics.  She wrote numerous books including Public Health Nursing and the Law and  Medicine and the Law.

Ms. Walker left the Institute to open a private practice in 1981.  She served as lobbyist and legal counsel for several  agencies including the NC Nursing Association and NC Pharmacy Association.  She drew legislation for the NC Humane Society and served as its lobbyist as well.  She has taught law courses at the UNC Medical School, Nursing School, Dental School, and School of Public Health as well as for the North Carolina Bar Association.

Ms. Walker continues to teach health law classes throughout the country.  Along with Nate Solberg, she has authored Dentistry and North Carolina Law, now in its third edition.

Ms. Walker focuses on civil litigation.  She represents clients before the Boards of Nursing, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, and other licensing boards.  She also handles appellate work in state courts.